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Ted Walter

Ted Walter, President Complete Office of California

To learn more about Complete Office download the OPI (an industry leading publication) interview with Ted Walter, president of Complete Office of California. Here is the introduction from the article reprinted with permission from OPI:

Complete Office is one of the shining independent dealer success stories. Though a fairly new business, leadership from some very experienced Office Products executives has quickly established it as one the top independents in the western US, capable of fending off the big boxes to win some really substantial contracts.

Curious to find out exactly what is driving the business to such heights, OPI caught up with Ted Walter, President of the California arm of Complete, and found a very candid interviewee.

Ted Walter spent 15 years at Boise Office Products. Dealer groups, wholesaler strategies, big boxes, independents; there’s little that Complete Office’s Ted Walter doesn’t have an opinion on.

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Download the Ted Walter interview in pdf format here.
Written by Felicity Francis for OPI

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